Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Ok ...

Accountability time. I admit I have not blogged, but that is also because I have not been on the internet that much. As for my New Years resolution, I have slept in quite a bit. (Sleeping in means sleeping until 7:25 am to be at work by 8:15 :P

Today is a very special day, since it is the last day for me before R is born. Actually if it is a he then it'll be named after my dad and by best friend.

The big news this past week was that my friend Rob visited me from California. We actually had a jam packed schedule for the week. He is a big train buff since he is working with California's department of transportation. We decided to first go on an authentic trolley ride down McKinney Avenue. It was free, but the main gripe I have with the trolley was that it was incredibly loud. Still you can't beat free :) Next we decided to walk to the place where JFK was shot. I know it's morbid, but still you can't visit Dallas without seeing this cultural landmark. Next we went to American Airlines arena. For a bit of trivia, that area (Victory plaza) has the largest collection of big screen TVs in the country. Last I check there was 10. We went back to my car with the DART train. Next we visited the train museum. It is a quirky littly museum located in FAIR Park. Unlike the other museums in FAIR Park, it does not get along with the commission so it exists as an entity within an entity. Inside the park is the largest locomotive (BIG BOY) that was owned by UP. It also appears that their relationship with Union Pacific has also soured because their dispatchers have been giving them a hard time. Anyway .... the coolest part of the museum was that they were able to fire away some of the trains and I got to see the trains move. Way cool ....


Baby time,


Sunday, February 18, 2007

I've been ok about not using the internet as much.

My talk on rejection went very well this week. I had some really funny slides like the holy grail and the main villain on the show heroes. It was a rather basic talk, but I'm glad I didn't go into too much detail because it would have been a much longer talk.

The big news is waiting for the baby to come. My wife hasn't felt any contractions lately, but she has noticed that the baby has been positioning herself. We pretty much have everything we need, but you never know with your firstborn.

Happy Chinese New Year!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ok, for an update. I was on the computer for 1.5 hours today. Not what I wanted. The actual reason was to procrastinate from writing this blog. Hmmm .... not good.

In the meantime, I need to finish my presentation on transplant rejection.

Church today was good. I love pastor Ed, he comes up with the most hilarious illustrations. Today's sermon was on joy, and on the habits and things we do that sap it. For his illustration today, he brought a digital camera to church and took random pictures of people sitting in the front row. He then asked the folks to evaluate his picture taking skills. Then he asked them, who was the first person they looked at. Invariably, everyone looked at their own picture first. One of the things that are second nature to all of us is selfishness.

Which brings me back to the topic of rejection. One of the main theories regarding rejection is that self/nonself hypothesis. The reason why we reject transplanted organs is because it is foreign. Our bodies do not recognize the transplanted organ as "self." You see, if I can prevent "selfishness", I can prevent rejection.

Pretty cool stuff,


Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ok, looking back I've accomplished one goal last year and stopped another. The good news is that I have finished reading the bible last year. The bad news is that I have stopped reading my kidney book.

One of the most frustating things in this past year has been my internet addiction. Good I've got it out my chest. Hmmm .... isn't it weird that I'm typing away on my blog ON THE INTERNET.

As a doctor, it has always been frustating for me to hear my patients who are smokers tell me that they are going to quit. I've had a few successes, but they are far and few in between. To all the readers on this blog, I implore you that I will probably let you down but I am doing my best.

Yes .... but I've finally concluded that I need to be kept accountable in all of this. I've also decided that this would be a way for me to document that I have finally kicked this habit.

By the way, I'm going to start by limitting my home internet use to 1 hour a day. 15 minutes of which would be used in blogging (12:00 minutes left on the clock).

My internet use is a way for me to procrastinate from the more urgent needs in life. I need to reconnect with goals regarding my health and spirituality.

At church this week, my pastor is going through this series called Larger than Life. In fact to be a Christ follower means that I should hold on to the promises that HE will enable us to live life to the fullest. Need to have big dreams, but give all glory back to HIM.

Goal: To be the best husband and father I could be and to be the world's foremost expert in Transplantation.

The sad state is that I have been wasting my life on the internet and have been neglecting my wife and home.

In the next edition of my blog, I will update my progress.


May February 10th, 2007 be the day that I finally conquer this addiction.