Sunday, January 03, 2010

Superbowl Prediction

San Diego has always been the neglected stepsister to Los Angeles and San Francisco, but this is the year that she will finally wear the glass slipper. You see this is the city that couldn't even hold on to the Clippers who bolted to Los Angeles.. For their last superbowl experience, they were humiliated by the 49ers by the score of 49-26.

Why is this year different? One word -- Obama. He is the man that has brought world peace upon us and has single-handedly protected us against Al Qaeda. Yet, he did have one flaw .... Here is the excerpt from

Blame it on Obama, Chargers' fans

I was talking to Mike Pereira, the league's vice president of officiating, when the conversation turned to the San Diego-Denver game. I told Pereira that as bad as Ed Hochuli's call was, it was the failure of the replay system in thye first half that bothered me more. I mean, a ref can blow a call. It happens. But replay systems are not supposed to malfunction. It was then that Pereira told me the replay in Denver had worked flawlessly in two preseason games but had to be removed, taken apart, reassembled and returned before the season. The reason? The Democratic National Convention. "So if you're going to blame anyone," said Pereira, tongue in cheek, "blame the Democrats."
To make it up to the Chargers, he has rigged the entire NFL postseason to enable the Chargers to win it all. He will let nature take its course on the NFC side where the Minnesota Vikings will also make it to the Super Bowl.
So Vikings fans, if they lose the Super Bowl you know who to blame.